Bloody Terror

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Band: Bloody Terror
Titel: Winter Coming Single
VÖ: Februar 2012
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Medieval Records

A few days ago I took notice of the debut single of the Ukrainians BLOODY TERROR which was released in February 2012 which bears the name "Winter Coming".
Melodic with Metal riffs interspersed here and there the song hovers light but nevertheless decisive and powerful in the room. Epic, dark melodies carried by growls and a vigorous drumming that privides the whole with coldness and aggressiveness. Relaxed by guitar solis and keyboard insertions from time to time. This results in a melodic Black Metal selection which whets your appetite for more!! Always highly recommended ! I am yet very curious of the further songs of BLOODY TERROR and I am sure that we will hear much more of the gents in the future!!! A new single is already in the works. It will called "Ashes Of A Future" and will be released in March 2012. Check BLOODY TERROR. It's worth it!!
Battlepig / Claudia
Line Up:
Mr. Styx - Vocals
PowerSquad – Guitars, Bass, Arrangements, Vocals
Grotesk - Keyboards